by Nazi Drugs



Recorded over the course of three years, Nazi Drugs is a side project from the drunkest band in show business, Jaw Horse. After years of half assed conversations about making "Swastifari" a real album with real musicians...or making Nazi Drugs our own opening act, we just decided to put this out instead for now.


released June 21, 2013

Mahlin - guitar
Jovi- vocals. lyrics

Recorded at Attic Bedroom Studios in Raleigh NC and McAllisterville PA 2010-2013 by Garageband



all rights reserved


Nazi Drugs Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

Lo-fi/punk/surf side project from two members of Jaw Horse

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Track Name: The Drugs Are Alright
Instrumental (voice of Joe Coleman)
Track Name: Famous Last Words
This fucking town is dragging me down
Drinking hard to make sure I'm right
Yeah man, know in any town I'd be saving up change for a quarter draft night.

Famous last words. I'm leaving.

Mountains are as cold as the people
Motherfuckers think their so tough
Nothing's gonna change but the weather
In the middle of December that is more than enough

Drugs are as boring as the music
Let's cut a line to make sure I'm right
Not sure if I'm gonna make it through
Another cold mountain winter or another bar fight
Track Name: Keep The Change
You think that growing up means spending time at home
Finally fall into your place, another link into the chain
Drink on Saturday afternoon and spend Sunday in a pew
Talk shit about the things that you used to do

You have the nerve to give me advice about my life
If I close my eyes real tight, I'd swear I was talking to your wife
You can save for a rainy day, where I live it's always sunny
So you can keep your change man, cuz I've got folding money

You've hit the big time now, buying your first house
Gonna move in with that bitch to save your relationship
You're gonna get this right, start living a real life
We're gonna miss you man, when we all go out tonight

You can take your life advice and shove it up your ass
Tell your girl that too, next time she says that I don't have any class
You can save for a rainy day but where I live it's always sunny
You can keep your change man, cuz I've got folding money

I wasn't snared by some big mean mother bear
A snake in the grass with a big meaty ass
A shark in the sea with lipstick on her teeth
My kinda girl just wants her man to be free
Track Name: Find You Tied Up
What you need to find when you're already mine?

You can pretend not to love me anymore
and I can go on pretending that I don't care
But you gotta tell me just one thing baby
What is it you think you're gonna find out there?
Just how far you think you're gonna get
With those big brown eyes and that long black hair
You don't know what you're walking away from
But I ain't coming out no worse for the wear

Dogs don't run away when they are being fed
I'm wishing that you'd stay, but I ain't gonna beg
You are just a pup, I know you won't get far
Before I find you tied up in someone else's back yard.
Track Name: Tear It Apart
How you gonna eat if you never learned to hunt?
What makes you a man if you've never tasted blood?
You're so afraid to die that you'll never really live

(If you want my advice, I say just get it over with)

If you can't tear it apart, why bother taking a bite?
If you don't keep it sharp, why even carry a knife?
Why keep your rifle locked up in a safe?
If you ain't gonna use it, better watch what you say...

Close your eyes, step on the gas
Don't open them until you hear the crash
Close your eyes, lift up your hands
Sit back in your seat and fucking die like a man
Track Name: Time Out For Slushies
Instrumental (voice of Jeffrey Dahlmer)
Track Name: Smell My Night
Well can you smell my night, written on my breath?
It tells a story of cheap beer and expensive cigarettes
Lord, I didn't have to cry and
Lord, I didn't have to fight
To earn these black circles you see under my eyes

I can roar like a lion, baby
Or lay down like a lamb
I can't turn water into wine, girl
I know a dealer who can

Every bar in this town is just like high school again
Well, they don't like me much, and I fucking hate them
Girls think I'm kind of funny
The dudes all think I'm a dick
Don't try to keep up with me man, I'd hate to see you get sick
Track Name: Eat You Alive
Welcome to my world
Its outta sight
I need some company
Just for tonight
Don't be afraid
Better hide your fright
We're gonna eat you alive

When you're in my house the law's on my side
I shoot to kill, right between the eyes

Come what may
Come what might
Your man and I
Gonna have a fight
He's got the build
I got a knife
You heard that right

A one way ticket into the light
Track Name: Swim With Your Shirt On
Instrumental (voice of Jesco White)
Track Name: Never Been Scared
If I die tonight
I swear it'd be alright
I'd go down to the dark without a fight

I drink til the sun
I sure had my fun
Can't believe I lasted this long

Cuz I've overstayed
Got hell to pay
It was bound to catch up to me some day

I've lost less than I've won
and I've been on the run
But I never ever been scared of a gun

So if my demise
Comes as a surprise
Hold my little girl at night when she cries

I don't belong
And I lasted to long
but I left you with some damn fine songs
Track Name: Most Exalted
"Thee Most Exalted Potentate Of Love" originally by The Cramps
Track Name: Tell My Bones
Only 27 years old
Someone please tell my bones
The way they creak, the way they ache
Bruised and broken with mistakes
I'm high, my head's floating around
Nobody better bring me down
Let me enjoy every breath
Ain't got too many left
I should be tying up loose ends
Calling friends, making amends
If I don't get a chance to let you know
None of that weight is on my soul
Maybe I'll float through the sky
If heaven's there, hope I get inside
Don't you shed a single tear
I dug it every second here
Let's go out and have a drink
And give our hearts some time to think
I may not leave a legacy
Remember me on nights like these
When my girl has become grown
and asking questions let her know
The kind of person I really was
It's important to know your blood
Dump my body out to sea
Makes no difference to me
Just a shell of who I was
Not whatever I've become
Get the chance, I'll stop by
Maybe in your dream some night
While I wait for you up here
Dad and I will have a beer